Ampac Flexibles 400-24 PET/PE Flat Pouch with Tear Notches, 4 x 6″ Pack of 100

Ion chromatography - ionic analysis of circuit boards. Ampac's 400 series sealpak is a 2ply laminated structure consisting of polyester and polyethylene PET/PE. These boilable and freezable pouches can sustain temperatures from -56 to 115°C -70 to 240°F. Overwrap for medical trays and kits. Once sealed, these pouches can also be surface sterilized using VHP.

. 400 series sealPAKs are 2. 5 mils thick, and are best used for light use and moderate protection. These transparent, airtight, infrared, and leak-proof pouches can be sterilized with gamma, and e-beam. Outer package for Chemo IV's. Chemo cassettes. Evidence/Narcotics storage.

Daigger DAI-T34-27-C Assorted Label Tape Pack, 1" Width, 500" Roll Length Pack of 12

Fits into a standard scotch tape dispenser or use a Label Tape Dispenser that holds all your colored label tapes within easy reach on your lab bench. These color assortment packs include white, green, yellow, pink, red, orange and blue tape. Adheres to any clean surface. Peels off without leaving a sticky residue.

. Pen, pencil, or marker writing persists even with exposure to hot and cold temperatures. Daigger label tape color assortment Pack includes paper tape that adheres to any clean surface, and peels off without leaving a sticky residue. Properly label and organize your lab experiments with different colors of tape.

Removable-adhesive label tape comes in a wide color assortment making color-coding easy. Pencil, incubators, water baths, freezers, autoclaves, ball-point pen or solvent ink marker remains legible on label tape under the most demanding laboratory conditions in refrigerators, and oil baths.

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