Kendall Sharps Container 2 Gallon Red – Model 8970

Color : Red Base. This listing is For Multi-purpose Sharps Container. Multi-purpose Sharps Container by Covidien. Containers lock for final disposal to secure contents. This item may differ from the image shown. This item may be a replacement or optional part for the image shown, or differ in model, color, etc.

Qty : 1. Adjustable rotor opening to accommodate various sizes of sharps. Nestable, saving valuable storage space. Dimensions : 10h x 105w x 7. 25d inch. Please review the title and features carefully.

Kendall Sharps Container, Large

It is also large volume container at 2. 2 quarts. It has a permanently locking, snap-top lid. Safe, convenient Disposal of Used Sharps. Made in the U. S. A. It is ultra durable and leak proof. This is a sharps container made out of puncture proof plastic. For disposal of any type of syringes, pen needles or lancets. Safely dispose of syringes.

Large 2. 2 quart capacity, Made in the U. S. A. Plastic is puncture and leak proof.

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