Pedaltrain Pedalboards PT-18-BTC-X

Pedaltrain PT-18-BTC-X #ad - If you have modified your Pedaltrain, or have questions about sizing, please email us before purchase. Smaller pedaltrain sizes in this group classic-jr, pt-jr will have extra room for storage of cables, accessories, etc. Modifications like large raised feet, protruding in/Out panels, large handles, and various custom Accessories may not fit in the case.

Pedaltrain Pedalboards PT-18-BTC-X #ad - We’d be happy to advise you. Case only - pedal board and accessories not included. Professional-grade replacement tour case for Pedaltrain classic Jr, Pedaltrain Novo 18, and Pedaltrain pt-jr, engineered to be up to 35% lighter than previous models. This case accommodates several board sizes classic Jr, Novo 18, pt-jr.

In either case, your Pedaltrain will be secure and protected. Case is designed to accommodate unmodified Pedaltrain Pedal boards. Professional-grade replacement tour case for Pedaltrain classic Jr, Pedaltrain Novo 18.

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Voodoo Lab Pedaltrain Pedal Power Mounting Kit

Voodoo Lab PT-VDL-MK #ad - Mounts all voodoo lab power supplies underneath the classic, Novo, and terra Series boards. Pt-vdl-mk can also be substituted with brkt-2, and will be able to mount onto any boards The brkt-2 specifies. Pedaltrain specially designed mounting bracket kit for all Voodoo Lab pedal Power supplies.

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